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Does Kroger accept personal checks for payment?

Kroger is expanding its payment alternatives to provide the best possible consumer experience. At the checkout counters, they accept cash, personal checks, and even WIC cards! They also accept debit and credit cards and American Express (Discover, MasterCard, Visa).

Does Kroger have Apple Pay?

No, Kroger does not take Apple Pay. In 2020, Kroger experimented with using NFC technology. They intended to bring in Apple Pay, Google Pay, and several other digital wallets. However, they do not currently accept Apple Pay. A reason for this might be because of the launch of their own NFC-related program called Kroger Pay.

Does Kroger accept Google Pay?

No, Kroger does not take Google Pay. Instead, they now promote the use of their contactless payment alternative, Kroger Pay which is available through the Kroger Pay app. Here is an article confirming that Kroger does not take Google Pay. Kroger is running a small trial with Google Pay at 61 QFC branded grocery stores in the Seattle area.

Does Kroger accept American Express gift cards?

Yes, Kroger accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Be aware that Kroger has not been shy about removing credit cards from being accepted as a payment method at certain subsidiaries.

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