How Much Does a Sprinkler System Add to Your Water Bill?

A beautiful green lawn is the pride and joy of many homeowners. However, maintaining that lush grass does come at a cost – specifically on your monthly water bill. Sprinkler systems provide convenient, regular watering to keep lawns healthy, but they can significantly increase water usage and expenses. Just how much extra can you expect … Read more

Who is Responsible for the Water Bill After a Leak?

Finding an unusually high water bill due to a leak can be an unpleasant surprise for any homeowner. But who is ultimately responsible for covering the costs – the property owner or the tenant? When a costly water leak occurs, determining financial liability depends on several factors. Responsibility Depends on the Source The first question … Read more

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Are Water Bills Considered Public Records?

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How to Transfer a Water Bill to a New Owner

When you buy a new home or property, one of the many things you’ll need to take care of is transferring the utilities like water, gas, and electricity into your name. For the water bill specifically, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to take to make sure billing goes smoothly after closing on … Read more

How Often Do You Pay a Water Bill?

If you’re a homeowner, one of your regular household bills is likely for water and sewer service. But how often does this bill actually come – monthly, quarterly, or some other schedule? Here’s what to expect for the frequency of water billing and payments. Typical Billing Cycles For most residential customers, water utilities bill on … Read more

Do You Have a Water Bill With a Well?

If you get your household water from a private well, you may be wondering if you still have to pay a water bill each month. The answer depends on a few key factors. No Monthly Water Bills The main perk of having a well is that you do not receive monthly bills for water usage … Read more

How to Dispute a Water Bill with Your Landlord

Getting an unexpectedly high water bill can be upsetting. If you rent, it may be unclear if you or your landlord is responsible for the charges. Disputing a water bill with your landlord takes some preparation, but you have options to contest unfair fees. Understand How Water Bills Work First, learn how water billing works … Read more

How Often is Your Water Bill Due?

Paying your water bill on time is important to avoid late fees and service disruptions. But how often should you expect to receive and pay your water bill? Here’s what to know about the frequency of water utility billing. Typical Water Bill Cycles Most water suppliers issue bills once per month or once every 2-3 … Read more

Are You Responsible for the Previous Owner’s Unpaid Water Bill?

When you purchase a new home, the last thing you want is to be saddled with the previous owner’s unpaid utility bills. Unfortunately, in some cases, new homeowners have found themselves facing exactly that predicament. If the prior owner failed to pay their final water bill, can the utility company come after you for it? … Read more