Why You Might See “Energy Harbor” on Your Electric Bill

Have you noticed a mysterious charge from “Energy Harbor” on your latest electric bill? You’re not alone. Many utility customers across Ohio and Pennsylvania have been asking why this unfamiliar company name is appearing on their electricity bills.

This article will explain what Energy Harbor is, why it could be on your electric bill, and what it means for you as an energy customer.

What is Energy Harbor?

Energy Harbor is an electricity generation and retail energy provider based in Akron, Ohio. Here are some key facts about the company:

  • Previously operated as FirstEnergy Solutions until rebranding to Energy Harbor in 2020.

  • Operates over 15,000 megawatts of power generation assets including nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, and solar.

  • Serves over one million retail electricity and natural gas customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, and Michigan.

  • Generates over 65% of electricity from emissions-free sources including nuclear and renewables.

Energy Harbor operates as both a power generator and a retail energy supplier. As a power generator, it sells electricity into wholesale markets which local utilities then buy and distribute to homes and businesses.

Why Would Energy Harbor Be on My Electric Bill?

If you see charges from Energy Harbor on your electric utility bill, it likely means one of two things:

Your utility has purchased power from Energy Harbor’s generators.

Local utilities often buy electricity from third-party generators like Energy Harbor to supply their customers. Even if you do not buy electricity directly from Energy Harbor, your local utility may source some of its power from Energy Harbor plants. The costs are passed through to customers as “Power Generation” charges.

You purchase electricity from Energy Harbor as your retail provider.

In energy deregulated states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, consumers can choose Energy Harbor as their electricity supplier. Energy Harbor competes with utilities to sell retail electricity directly to homes and businesses. If you intentionally switched to an Energy Harbor retail plan, charges would appear reflecting the electricity you buy from them.

Should I Be Concerned About Energy Harbor Charges?

Seeing Energy Harbor on your bill does not necessarily mean your rates went up. But you should still pay attention to the charges to understand what you’re paying for.

If Energy Harbor charges reflect electricity generation, rest assured your utility likely sourced the lowest cost power available. The charges pass through at cost – your utility doesn’t mark them up.

However, if you’re an Energy Harbor retail customer, examine charges closely. Make sure they align with the per kWh rate quoted for your plan. If you’re ever overcharged as a retail customer, you can contact Energy Harbor to dispute the bill.

You can also compare their rates to other offers in your area to make sure you’re getting a competitive price. Switch plans or providers if you find a better deal.

What are the Benefits of Energy Harbor Electricity?

As one of the largest independent power generators in the U.S., Energy Harbor brings these advantages as an electricity provider:

  • Price stability – Energy Harbor’s generation costs are less susceptible to market fluctuations, keeping electricity prices more stable.

  • Reliability – The company’s diverse power plant fleet including nuclear and natural gas assets provides reliable electricity.

  • Environmental benefits – Over 65% of Energy Harbor’s generation comes from zero emission nuclear power.

If you purchase your electricity from Energy Harbor as a retail supplier, you can lock in a fixed rate and avoid uncertainties of variable rate plans from the utility.

Is Energy Harbor a Reputable Company?

Energy Harbor has supplied wholesale electricity in Ohio and Pennsylvania for decades, previously as FirstEnergy Solutions. The company emerged from FirstEnergy’s bankruptcy process in 2020 and has established itself as a leading independent power producer.

Some benefits of Energy Harbor’s experience and scale include:

  • Serves over 1 million retail customer accounts across 6 states.

  • Credit rating upgraded to investment grade BBB-/Baa3 in 2021.

  • Has paid dividends consistently to shareholders since becoming an independent company.

Based on its financial position, generation assets, and customer base, Energy Harbor has proven itself as a reputable player in the deregulated retail energy market.

Should I Switch to an Energy Harbor Retail Plan?

If you currently buy electricity from your local utility, switching to an Energy Harbor retail supply plan could save you money. But make sure you compare all your options. Here are some tips:

  • Review and compare Energy Harbor rates and plans on their website to see if they beat your utility’s current charges.

  • Check other competitive suppliers in your area to make sure you’re getting the lowest price available. Some alternatives like community solar may save you even more.

  • Understand the contract terms like rate structure, deposit requirements, cancellation fees, and incentive offers before switching.

  • Avoid variable rate plans if you want maximum price certainty. Fixed rate plans limit your rate exposure.

Switching electricity providers is easy, but make sure you’ve done thorough research to get the best deal. Consult an energy expert if you need help navigating your options.

The Bottom Line

Seeing Energy Harbor charges on your electric bill is normal in their operating territories. It likely means your utility has purchased generation from them wholesale, or that you buy Energy Harbor electricity at retail.

Use the details in this article to understand your charges and make sure you’re getting the lowest rates. And consider switching to Energy Harbor or another competitive provider if you can save by doing so.


How does energy harbor work?


While Energy Harbor is an electric supply company, it also generates a portion of the electricity it offers to customers. What you pay for electricity each month covers the cost of generation, supply and maintenance.

Why is my energy bill so high all of a sudden?


1. Moving to a new home or apartment with significantly more square footage or less efficient appliances. 2. Seasonal weather changes like heat waves or cold snaps that suddenly and temporarily increase usage.

Why has my power usage suddenly increased?


Faulty equipment: Malfunctioning or old electrical equipment, such as water heaters, HVAC systems, or refrigerators, can consume more energy than usual. Rate changes: Your utility provider may have increased their rates, leading to higher overall costs for electricity usage.

Why is my PA electric bill so high?


Many factors can cause high electric bills. These include the type and size of your home, your climate, your habits, and the cost of power.

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