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Are you looking for hassle-free ways to pay your water authority bill? We understand the importance of a smooth payment process, so we have gathered some valuable information to help you conveniently manage your bill payments. In this article, we will introduce you to the water authority business, provide a helpful link for bill payment, and discuss various payment options, contact details, late payment policies, and more. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Water Authority Bill Pay

Water authorities play a crucial role in providing clean and reliable water services to communities. To ensure a seamless experience for customers, they offer multiple payment methods and convenient options to pay bills. Whether you prefer online payments, mail-in checks, phone payments, or in-person visits, water authorities strive to accommodate your needs.

Convenient Link for Bill Payment

To simplify your bill payment process, we found a helpful link that provides detailed information on how to pay your water authority bill. Visit Water Authority Bill Pay to access their online payment portal, view your bill, and make payments securely. This user-friendly platform allows you to manage your account efficiently and eliminates the need for paper bills.

Payment Options

Water authorities offer various payment options to cater to different preferences. Here are some common methods you can choose from:

  1. Online Payments: Sign up for paperless e-Billing to receive email notifications when your bill is available online. Enroll in e-Billing through the provided link on the water authority’s website [1]. This option allows you to make one-time payments conveniently.

  2. Pay by Mail: Use the return envelope provided with your bill to mail your payment. Remember not to staple or attach anything to your bill and avoid sending cash. Make your check payable to the water authority, including your account number in the memo section [1].

  3. Pay by Phone: Check with your financial institution to see if they offer a pay-by-phone option for bills, including water bills. You can typically make payments using credit, debit, or checking/savings accounts. Keep your account number handy and call the provided phone number to make a payment [1].

  4. Pay in Person: Some water authorities have agreements with local businesses where you can pay your bill in person. Check your water bill or the water authority’s website for a list of authorized payment centers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is advisable to call ahead and confirm the operating hours of these payment centers [1].

Contact Details and Additional Information

For any queries or assistance regarding your water authority bill, here are some important contact details:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: Call 203-562-4020 and follow the prompts to reach the customer service team [1].
  • Email: If you prefer email communication, you can find the water authority’s email address on their official website.
  • Address: The water authority’s mailing address can be found on your bill or their website.

Late Payments and Payment Extensions: If you are unable to pay your water bill on time, it is essential to contact the water authority’s customer service team. They will work with you to explore payment arrangements and consider your special circumstances. Failure to pay the balance forward portion of your bill or make payment arrangements may result in water service disconnection. To restore service, you will need to make full payment of the past-due amount, along with a reconnection fee [1].


  1. Water Authority Bill Pay – Payment & Billing

Note: The provided link is for illustrative purposes only and may not represent an actual water authority’s website. Please refer to your specific water authority’s website for accurate information and payment options.

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How do I pay my water bill online?

Click here to pay. You may pay your water bill online and avoid a service fee by using your banking institution’s online bill payment option. Since this payment comes directly from your bank account to the Clayton County Water Authority (just like a mailed check), you are not charged a service fee.

Does Clayton County Water Authority charge a service fee?

Since this payment comes directly from your bank account to the Clayton County Water Authority (just like a mailed check), you are not charged a service fee. To use this option, you will need to log on to your banking institution’s web site. *Please note this is a new address for checks and money orders.

How do I make a payment on my account?

To make a payment on your account, please call 203-562-4020 and follow the prompts. Be sure to have your account number handy The RWA has agreements with businesses across the region where you can pay your bill in person.

What happens if I don’t pay my water bill?

Your water may be shut off if you do not pay the balance forward portion of your bill or if you do not make payment arrangements with us. If you are not able to meet your payment arrangements, the best step you can take is to contact our Customer Service team and we will take your special circumstances into account.

Pay Your Bill Online – Monroe County Water Authority

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