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InvoiceCloud’s online utility bill payment services increases speed and volume of collections while reducing customer service workload.

Online Utility Bill Payment Services

Online Utility Bill Payment Services – InvoiceCloud

Paying utility bills has become more accessible and convenient with InvoiceCloud’s online bill payment services. With our cutting-edge technology and user-friendly platform, customers can now pay their bills quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

InvoiceCloud offers various payment options to fit the needs of utilities and their customers. Our platform maintains context from one channel to the next, creating easy and engaging customer experiences. Customers can pay their bills using the following methods:

  1. Omni-channel payment options: Enable your customers to pay when, how, and where they want. InvoiceCloud’s platform maintains context from one channel to the next, creating easy and engaging customer experiences.
  2. One-time payments: Make payments easier with a simple-to-use ‘one-time’ or guest payment route that does not require registration.
  3. Account linking: Allow customers to pay multiple bills in one place with our account linking functionality.
  4. Intelligent communications: The key to encouraging customers to pay online is engaging them throughout the payment route – starting with payment reminders. Our platform utilizes email, text, and phone to help payers stay on top of their bills, and even enables payment through text or calendar reminders.
  5. Outbound campaigns: Easily send targeted messages to your customers through multiple communication channels, including voice, email, and text.

Our platform is PCI Level 1 Compliant and securely encrypts customer data to give both you and your payers peace of mind. With our true single instance, multi-tenant SaaS platform, you can always deliver the latest innovations.

InvoiceCloud’s platform has achieved 2 to 3 times the industry average adoption rates because we consistently engage customers throughout the payment route to enroll in AutoPay, paperless billing, and more. Our platform has helped organizations like yours achieve real results.

Don’t just take our word for it. See how InvoiceCloud’s platform has helped organizations like yours achieve real results.

Case Study: EmPRO Transforms Policyholder Experience, Drives Digital Engagement and Reduces Manual Processes

Case Study: Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Transforms Member Experience, Increases Digital Engagement, and Improves Payment Efficiencies

Case Study: Property & Casualty Insurance Carrier Enhances Customer Experience and Efficiencies Through Digital Transformation

InvoiceCloud’s user-friendly solution has improved customer engagement, making payments more convenient. As a result, we’ve seen a rise in digital adoption and self-service rates, enabling us to scale back lobby hours and focus on other priorities like our low-income Customer Care program. – Kelly Rourk, Customer Service Process and Data Analyst, Mount Pleasant Waterworks

InvoiceCloud’s frictionless payment solutions, ease of implementation, and payment processing creativity have delivered significant time savings for our office, increasing the time and attention we can dedicate to other citizen needs. – Shannon Bryner, Chief Deputy Treasurer, City of Manassas

InvoiceCloud’s seamless integration with our core billing system has improved payment efficiencies so much that we save 15 hours a week in time spent on reconciliations. It has made our lives so much easier and allows us to focus on more strategic priorities. – Cheri Schmidt, CFO/Vice-President, California Mutual Insurance Company

InvoiceCloud transformed our collections process with a modernized solution that provided flexible, user-friendly payment options that increased digital payments and self-service rates. This reduced manual processes, enabling our busy staff to shift their focus to other critical tasks. – Adam Petersen, SVP/Chief Financial Officer, EmPRO Insurance

InvoiceCloud solved our greatest collections challenges by enhancing the user experience for both customers and staff. Payment-related calls dropped 20% in just 6 months, leading to increased employee morale and the ability to focus on other high-priority projects we had been unable to get to. – Marci Doolan, Office Manager, Bona Vista Water District

Be part of our extensive Partner and integration ecosystem. InvoiceCloud delivers an extended solution that increases client retention, drives customer satisfaction, and grows your revenue. Together, we can deliver a solution that is simple and effective.

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How do I pay a bill on Invoicecloud?

1. Access the Invoice Cloud payment portal. 2. Locate and view your utility bill and either enter payment for a One Time Payment, or register an account to enroll in AutoPay or a scheduled payment.

How much does invoice cloud charge?

However, Invoice Cloud will assess a convenience fee when using either a credit or debit card. Customers will be assessed a convenience fee of $3.95 per transaction when using a credit card or debit card. Any single payment transaction will be limited to $200.00 or less.

Is invoice cloud safe?

Absolutely. Invoice Cloud will safely store your financial information using Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant systems. This includes truncating (abbreviating) account numbers so that even we do not see your complete account information.

What is invoice cloud used for?

Let your customers pay when, how, and where they want. Our True SaaS platform is always up to date and enables your customers to: Pay online, by text, or by phone. Enroll in paperless billing in the payment route. Schedule payments or enroll in AutoPay to help decrease late payments.

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InvoiceCloud’s online utility bill payment services increases speed and volume of collections while reducing customer service workload.

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