How to Make Calls Not Show Up on Your Phone Bill

Most mobile phone bills itemize all incoming and outgoing calls. For privacy, safety, or other reasons, some people want to make calls without leaving a record on their bill. There are several methods to make calls that don’t show up on your regular phone bill.

Use a Secondary Phone

One of the simplest ways is to use a secondary phone not linked to your primary phone bill. Options include:

  • Prepaid phone – Purchase a prepaid phone with minutes and use it for private calls. Calls won’t appear on your regular bill. Just buy more minutes when needed.

  • Disposable/burner phone – Very cheap prepaid phones with limited minutes meant for temporary use. Use for private calls then discard. Untraceable.

  • Extra smartphone – Have a second smartphone as your private phone. Get a data plan and use apps like WhatsApp or Signal for calling. Keep it entirely separate from your primary phone bill.

Internet Calling Services

Another approach is to use free internet-based calling services. As long as you have a data connection, calls through these apps don’t show up on your phone bill:

  • WhatsApp – Free encrypted calls and messaging using your phone number or user ID.

  • Facebook Messenger – Free voice and video calls to any Messenger contact.

  • FaceTime – Video chat app for Apple devices. FaceTime calls don’t appear on your phone bill.

  • Google Duo – Simple video calling app for Android and iOS. Uses your phone number and contacts.

Temporary Phone Numbers

You can also get temporary phone numbers to make anonymous calls:

  • Burner apps – Get a temporary phone number to make calls and texts that don’t appear on your real phone bill. Delete when done.

  • Temporary phone numbers – Services like Privateline provide temporary phone numbers to route calls anonymously without leaving a record on your bill.

Block Caller ID

Every phone has a way to block your caller ID so the person receiving your call can’t see who it’s from:

  • iOS – Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID (toggle off)

  • Android – Settings > Call Settings > Additional settings > Caller ID (select Hide number)

However, the call still appears on your phone bill even if your caller ID is hidden.

*67 Method

On most mobile phones in the US, dialing *67 before a phone number blocks your caller ID for that call only. But again, the call still shows up on your own phone bill.


Before making private calls, know that permanently blocking your caller ID or phone number is illegal in some places. Also realize that private calls from alternate devices, secondary lines, or masked numbers may look suspicious if discovered. Make ethical choices when calling privately.


How can I call someone without it showing in their phone bill?


Enter *67. Enter the number you wish to call (including area code). Tap Call. The words “Private,” “Anonymous,” or some other indicator will appear on the recipient’s phone instead of your mobile number.

Can you delete calls from your phone bill?


You can’t delete call history from your account. Your call log displays either your last 100 calls or 60 days of calls, whichever comes first. You’ll have access to call logs after your first phone bill posts.

Do all phone calls show up on bill?


Calls may show up on your phone bill, but it varies based on your carrier. For some plans, your phone bill may show the incoming number and that the inbound call is being forwarded.

How do I hide calls on my phone?


To hide your phone number on the Caller ID of the person you’re calling, you just dial *67 before you tap in the phone number.

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