10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your T-Mobile Bill

Is your T-Mobile bill higher than you’d like? You’re not the only one looking for ways to cut costs. The average American household spends $80-100 per month on cell phone service.

While T-Mobile offers competitive rates, there are still many clever tricks to lower your monthly cell phone bill. This guide will explain 10 easy methods to trim your T-Mobile expenses, including:

  • Finding a cheaper plan
  • Using less data
  • Enrolling in discounts
  • Suspending lines
  • Using WiFi calling
  • Downgrading features
  • Buying a used phone
  • Optimizing autopay settings
  • Avoiding financing
  • Comparing prepaid options

Follow these tips to keep more money in your pocket without sacrificing your wireless service.

1. Find a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

One of the most effective ways to reduce your T-Mobile bill is to switch to a lower cost plan. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Data usage – Get just enough data to cover your needs, not unlimited if you only use a few GB.

  • Line usage – Remove any lines not being used regularly.

  • Features – Drop extras like HD streaming you won’t miss.

  • Promotions – Take advantage of new customer deals when your contract ends.

Carefully calculate your data habits and talk time. Don’t overpay for a plan beyond your usage.

2. Use Less Cellular Data

Monitor your monthly data consumption so you can identify where to cut back. Simple changes like using WiFi, disabling auto-play videos, and closing unused browser tabs can quickly add up to data savings.

3. Enroll in Any Discounts

T-Mobile offers various discounts you may qualify for:

  • Employee, military, senior, first responder – 15-20% off
  • AutoPay – $5/month off per line
  • Multiple lines – pricing tiers for 2, 3, 4+ lines

Even 5-10% off per line makes a difference on larger family plans.

4. Temporarily Suspend Lines

If you have a line that’s only used occasionally, look into T-Mobile’s “Kickback” feature to suspend service when not needed. It’s $10/month per suspended line.

5. Use WiFi Calling

When connected to WiFi, WiFi Calling routes calls and texts over the internet instead of cellular. This helps conserve cellular data.

6. Downgrade Features

Drop any phone features you rarely use like a mobile hotspot, HD streaming, or unlimited data. Basic talk & text plans are cheaper.

7. Buy a Used Phone

A new $1000 iPhone locked into a payment plan raises your bill. Consider a used or refurbished model purchased upfront instead.

8. Optimize Autopay Settings

Enroll in autopay and paperless billing to get up to $10/month off per line. But be cautious with autopay funds sources allowing overdrafts to avoid fees.

9. Avoid Financing Phones

Phone financing spreads out upfront costs but results in higher long term costs. Buy devices outright if possible.

10. Compare Prepaid Options

Prepaid plans often have lower prices overall for individuals. Check if T-Mobile Prepaid better matches your usage.

Bonus Tips for Reducing Usage

In addition to plan downgrades, optimize your usage habits:

  • Limit video streaming quality to standard definition
  • Disable auto app updates and syncing
  • Connect smart home devices to WiFi
  • Offload storage to the cloud rather than device
  • Disable always-on display and background refresh
  • Turn on low power mode

When to Call T-Mobile Support

If you need help understanding billing or usage, don’t hesitate to call T-Mobile customer support. They can walk you through plan options and account details to find savings.

The Bottom Line

With a mix of plan downgrades, discounted lines, feature reductions, and usage optimizations, you could easily save $20-40 per month or more on your cell phone bill.

Focus on separating needs vs wants, and find a T-Mobile plan that aligns closely with your usage. Take advantage of available discounts and monitor consumption regularly. With some adjustments, you can maintain robust wireless service while spending less.


How can I get my T-Mobile bill down?


Get the best plan for your data usage: Knowing how much phone data you use can help determine the best plan for you. An unlimited data plan may save you overage fees if you use a lot of data. Or, use a safe and secure Wi-Fi connection when available.

Why does my T-Mobile bill keep going up?


T-Mobile is switching some customers to pricier plans. How to opt out of the price increase. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, take a close look at your phone bill. The cell phone carrier is running a test in which it automatically switches some customers to more expensive rate plans unless they opt out.

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