Flint Energies Bill Pay: Convenient Options for Easy Payment

Welcome to Flint Energies’ online account access. This is a free, 24 hour service for our members, and a convenient way for you to view and pay your bill online by check or …

Online Account Access | Flint Energies


Are you a Flint Energies customer looking for hassle-free ways to pay your bills? Look no further! In this article, we will explore various payment options, contact information, and other essential details to help you manage your Flint Energies bill payments efficiently.

Introduction to Flint Energies

Flint Energies is a trusted electric cooperative serving customers in Georgia. They provide reliable electricity services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Flint Energies offers convenient bill payment options to ensure a seamless experience for their members.

Online Account Access

Flint Energies offers a user-friendly online account access system that allows you to view and pay your bill online. This free service is available 24/7 and provides a secure platform for online transactions. By using Flint’s secure socket layer (SSL) software, you can rest assured that your payments are made in real-time, avoiding any late payment fees [1].

To access your online account and pay your bill, visit the Flint Energies website and navigate to the online account access section. From there, you can easily view your bill and make payments using either a check or credit card.

Payment Options

Flint Energies provides several payment options to suit your preferences and convenience. Here are some of the available methods:

  1. Online Bill Payment: As mentioned earlier, you can conveniently pay your bill online through Flint Energies’ online account access system.

  2. Automatic Bank Draft: Set up automatic bank draft payments to ensure your bills are paid on time without any manual effort. This option allows Flint Energies to deduct the bill amount directly from your bank account.

  3. Pay by Phone: If you prefer to make payments over the phone, you can utilize Flint Energies’ 24-hour interactive voice response telephone system. Simply call 1-800-342-3616 and follow the prompts to make a payment [1].

  4. In-Person Payments: Flint Energies provides various in-person payment options, including authorized payment locations and their office locations. For specific addresses and maps, you can refer to the Flint Energies Mobile App or Member Portal [2].

Contact Information

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding your bill payment, Flint Energies offers multiple contact channels:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: Call 1-800-342-3616 to speak with a customer service representative.

  • Email: You can email Flint Energies at [email protected] for any billing inquiries or concerns.

  • Office Locations: Visit the Flint Energies website or use the Flint Energies Mobile App or Member Portal to find the addresses and maps to their office locations [2].

Late Payments and Payment Extensions

Flint Energies understands that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes lead to late payments. If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date, it is essential to contact Flint Energies as soon as possible to discuss your situation. They may be able to provide payment extensions or work out a suitable payment arrangement to help you avoid any penalties or service interruptions.

Additional Information

For more information about Flint Energies’ bill payment options, billing history, and other account-related details, you can explore their Mobile App and Member Portal. These platforms offer additional features such as bill alerts, payment history, and account maintenance [2].

Remember, staying informed about your bill payment options and reaching out to Flint Energies for assistance when needed can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

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Is there a bill pay website affiliated with flint energies?

Beware of Bill Paying Services Members beware! There is an on-line bill pay website that appears to be affiliated with Flint Energies, but it is not. Doxo.com is a third-party website that allows people to pay their electric bills via their website. What you don’t know is that doxo.com may charge you extra fees to make those payments.

How much does Flint energy charge per kilowatt hour?

Flint Energies’ consumers are billed an average residential electricity rate of 13.02 cents per kilowatt hour . This is below both the state and the national average rates of 13.95 and 15.39 cents per kilowatt hour, respectively. They sold 1, 814, 879 megawatt hours through retail sales in 2021.

How much energy does Flint energies lose in Georgia?

The state of Georgia has an energy loss average of 3.46% and the US average is 2.45%, giving Flint Energies a rank of 18th best out of 94 suppliers who report energy loss in the state. Flint Energies residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in December. Flint Energies’ energy loss due to business operations.

Will Urs acquire Flint Energy Services?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA & CALGARY, AB, Feb. 20, 2012 /CNW/ – URS Corporation (NYSE: URS) and Flint Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: FES) today announced a definitive agreement under which URS will acquire Flint for C$25.00 per share in cash, or C$1.25 billion (US$1.25 billion). URS also will assume approximately C$225 million (US$225 million) in Flint debt.

Ways to Pay Your Bill | Flint Energies

There is an on-line bill pay website that appears to be affiliated with Flint Energies, but it is not. Doxo.com is a third-party website that allows people to pay their electric bills via …

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