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    Are you tired of the stress and inconvenience of managing your bills? Look no further than ETC Bill Pay, a convenient and user-friendly solution for paying your bills. With a range of payment options and helpful features, ETC Bill Pay makes it easy to stay on top of your financial obligations and simplify your life.


    ETC (Ellijay Telephone Company) is a trusted telecommunications provider that offers a wide range of services to customers in Georgia. As a customer-focused company, ETC understands the importance of providing convenient and efficient bill payment options. ETC Bill Pay is designed to streamline the payment process and ensure a hassle-free experience for customers.

    Convenient Online Payment

    With ETC Bill Pay, you can say goodbye to the days of writing checks and mailing payments. ETC offers an online payment portal that allows you to easily and securely pay your bills from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit the [ETC website] and log in to your account. From there, you can navigate to the bill payment section and make a payment using your preferred payment method, such as a credit card or bank transfer.

    Payment Options

    ETC Bill Pay offers various payment options to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some of the options available:

    1. Online Payment: Pay your bills quickly and securely through the ETC website. This option allows you to conveniently manage your payments from anywhere, at any time.
    2. Automatic Payment: Set up automatic payments to ensure your bills are paid on time every month. This feature saves you time and eliminates the risk of late payments.
    3. Pay by Phone: If you prefer to make payments over the phone, ETC provides a dedicated phone number for bill payments. Simply call their customer service at [1-800-GET-ETC] and follow the prompts to make a payment.
    4. Pay by Mail: If you prefer to pay by mail, you can send your payment to the address provided on your bill. Be sure to include the payment stub and allow sufficient time for your payment to be processed.

    Additional Information

    In addition to the various payment options, ETC Bill Pay provides additional information and services to assist customers. Here are some commonly needed details:

    • Phone Number: For any billing inquiries or assistance with ETC Bill Pay, you can contact their customer service at [1-800-GET-ETC].
    • Email: ETC also offers email support for billing and payment-related inquiries. You can reach out to their customer service team at [[email protected]].
    • Address: The mailing address for ETC bill payments is:
      P.O. Box 2149
      Ellijay, GA 30540
    • Late Payments: If you are unable to make a payment by the due date, ETC offers options for payment extensions or payment arrangements. Contact their customer service to discuss your situation and explore possible solutions.


    ETC Bill Pay is a convenient and user-friendly solution for managing your bills. With a range of payment options and helpful features, ETC makes it easy to stay on top of your financial obligations. Say goodbye to the stress of traditional bill payment methods and simplify your life with ETC Bill Pay.

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