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Are you looking for a hassle-free way to pay your Aqua America bill? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to make your bill payment process smooth and convenient. Aqua America offers various payment options, including online payment, phone payment, and mail-in payment. Let’s dive in and explore the different methods available to pay your Aqua America bill.

Introduction to Aqua America

Aqua America is a leading water and wastewater utility company that provides essential services to millions of customers across several states, including Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, and Illinois [1]. They are committed to delivering safe and reliable water services to their customers.

Online Bill Payment

One of the most convenient ways to pay your Aqua America bill is through their online payment portal. By visiting their official website, you can easily access your account and make payments securely. The online payment process is user-friendly and allows you to pay your bill using a linked bank account or credit/debit card [2]. To access the online payment portal, simply visit the Aqua America website and log in to your account.

Payment Options

Aqua America offers several payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Here are the available methods:

  1. Online Payment: As mentioned earlier, you can conveniently pay your bill online through the Aqua America website. This method allows you to make payments using a linked bank account or credit/debit card [2].

  2. Phone Payment: If you prefer to make your payment over the phone, Aqua America provides a dedicated phone line for bill payments. Simply call their customer service number and follow the prompts to make your payment [3].

  3. Mail-in Payment: For those who prefer traditional methods, you can also mail your payment to Aqua America. Make sure to include your account number and use the provided envelope for proper credit. The mailing address can be found on your bill or on the Aqua America website [3].

Additional Information

In addition to the payment options mentioned above, here are some other important details that may be useful:

  • Late Payments: If you are unable to make your payment by the due date, it is important to contact Aqua America’s customer service. They may be able to provide you with information on late payment fees and possible payment extensions [3].

  • Contact Information: If you have any questions or need assistance with your bill payment, you can reach out to Aqua America’s customer service. They can be contacted via phone or email. The contact information can be found on their official website [3].

  • Address: Aqua America’s headquarters is located at [insert address]. This information can be useful if you need to send any correspondence or visit their office in person.


Paying your Aqua America bill has never been easier with the various payment options available. Whether you prefer online payment, phone payment, or mail-in payment, Aqua America has you covered. Remember to reach out to their customer service for any inquiries or assistance regarding your bill payment. Stay on top of your bills and enjoy the convenience of Aqua America’s bill payment options.

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How much does it cost to pay a water bill?

Typically billed together with the water and sewer, most average four-person households will see a water bill in the $25 to $75 per month range. We scoured the Internet to find the average monthly water bill for residents across the United States and included the prices we had found inside our table below:

Who should pay the water bill?

the tenant needs to pay for water used over 136 kilolitres each year if the agreement started before 1 March 2014. Landlords should attach a copy of the bill to the tenant’s invoice when charging for water use and supply.

How can I pay my water bill?

Water Bill Payment. View and pay your Water bill quickly online. This service allows you to access account information, bill & payment history, and water usage. You can also easily sign up for automatic payment service.

How can you pay your Aqua America Bill?

You can pay your bill online at Aqua America ‘s website, mail your payment to the processing center, or pay your bill in person at any authorized location. It also provides you with the option to set up automatic bill payments online and make alternative payment arrangements. You can also cancel account and contact customer support online.

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